Open Source Toolkit for Evolving Virtual Creatures



AbstractBody - physical body of animal. contains the logic to read a tree of BodyNodes and build a physical body in the breve simulator.
Animal - animal with body and brain.
Body - physical body of Animal. Body converts a BodyNode tree to a physical body in simulation.
BodyNode - stores information about how a body Link should be attached. A tree of these describes the morphology of the animal.
BodyNode1 - see body node
Car - animal with car-like morphology
ConfigFile - manages file with global variables. Reads and writes variables to disk. For example, ConfigFile manages the config.txt file.
ConstantFunction - function that always returns a constant.
DistanceFunction - function that returns the distance between two Objects
DistributionManager - manages multi-process evaluation of a population
Expression - expression involving one operation. Used to represent expressions in the L-System grammar.
GenerativeLParser - LParser with ability to randomly generate a grammar
Global - stores unchanging global variables. Changeable global variables are in config.txt.
HashTable - reads and writes a hash table to disk.
Hexapod - animal with hexapod morphology
LParser - stores and L-System grammar and expands it
List - list object with more functionality than primitive steve list
ListUtil - utilities for primitive lists
Match - represents an evaluation involving one or more animals. Handles timing, construction, and destruction of objects.
Math - math utilities
Net - builds the recursive neural net from a list of commands
Net1 - see Net
NetEdge - edge in neural net
NetNode - neuron in neural net
Population - contains population; saves, loads, resets  population.
RotationMatrix - contains a rotation matrix
Rule - L-System production rule
Rule1 - see rule
SinglePlayerMatch - Match involving a single animal
SinglePlayerPusherMatch - match where an animal is evaluated for pushing ability
SinglePlayerVelocityMatch - match where an animal is evaluated for velocity
SingleThreadEvaluatePopulation - evaluates population in a single process
String - string object
StringList - extension of List for handling a list of strings
TreeNode - a tree node
Turtle - turtle with position and orientation. used to construct the animal body.


Copyright 2004 Richard J. P. Giuly