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JungleBoogie Code

Note: this code has been successfully tested on Linux and Windows platforms only. It has an incompatibility with the Mac version of breve which I am still working to correct.

Visit sourceforge for CVS access to code and forum for discussion.


1. If you don't have breve installed, install it first.

2. If you are using MS Windows, shell-scripts will require Cygwin, so you should install it.

3. Visit sourceforge to download the most code via CVS (recommended) or download a zip file (may be out of date). If you want developer access at sourceforge, you may send a request to
Code is available under the GPL. You are encouraged to submit you changes or improvements to the author (

5. Unzip the file you downloaded,
Note: breve interprets the ".tz" source files.

6. Insure that the jungleboogie folder is in the BREVE_CLASSPATH.
For example, on a Windows machine:
set BREVE_CLASS_PATH c:\breve_windows\lib\classes;c:\jungleboogie

Now you are ready to use commands listed the overview.


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Copyright 2004 Richard J. P. Giuly